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For Building Owners

CiTiFi specializes in providing internet services to tenants in apartment buildings. We have custom solutions that allows building owners to provide internet to their tenants at a really good price but with minimal issue.

You take care of the tenants we take care of the technical aspects and maintenance of the internet systems.

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For Tenants

We provide internet services to people living in apartment buildings. We do this by providing you with an enterprise class WiFi connection.

It is low cost you pay month to month, if you are not satisfied you simply stop your contract.

No installation costs. Not devices costs. Just connect and work.

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For all your devices

We specifically provide WiFi for several reason the most obvious is that it works an all your devices. If you have the latest smart TV, Cellphone or Game box it will work.

But it will also work on your old laptop and old second hand PC you inherited from your aunt.