A need for internet

Internet connectivity has the distinction of being at the same time very cheap and expensive. If you think about what it costs to get fibre or an ADSL to your doorstep then the small amount that you pay every month is very small in comparison. But it is still a big chunk of your salary that we do not want to spend.

CiTiFi was born out of this need. We realised that for people barely getting through the month adding another R600 for a fibre, Fixed LTE or ADSL connection is simply not an option. Yet not having internet at home is like being blind. So we set out to address the problem. Is there situations where we can lower the monthly internet costs dramatically and allow normal people the same experience and speed of fibre but at half the cost.

The answer is we can, if we specifically target apartment buildings this becomes possible. Due to their unique construction and proximity to each other, it is possible to half the per-user cost of providing internet to tenants.

So we started CiTiFi (Pty) Ltd to services this market.